Cycle Hub of Portland, Oregon Has Sold Its Motorcycle and Parts Inventory!

In August 2002, all of the motorcycles and parts of the famous Cycle Hub motorcycle shop located in Portland, Oregon were purchased.  Included in the sale were over 300 motorcycles and a massive parts inventory of both new and used items.

Motorcycle Inventory
Over 40 of the 300 motorcycles were new with 15 bikes still in crates.  A partial list of the new machines still available include:

  • 2 BSA B50 MXs (with no miles)

  • 3 1979 Triumph Bonneville Specials (still in crates)

  • There are many mid-60s and 70s Triumph and BSA twins and many 70s Triumph triples.

  • There is also a large assortment of Ariel, BSA, AJS and Matchless motorcycles of all descriptions

triumph.jpg (19209 bytes)

New Parts Inventory
The parts purchased include seven 40-foot truck trailers full of new parts from Tri-Cor of Baltimore, MD and Triumph motorcycles of America (formerly known as Johnson Motors) of Los Angeles, CA. 

There are massive quantities of Lucas, Amal and Smiths spares as well.  The trailers contain: new tanks, new fenders, new wheels, new frames, new frame parts, new motor parts.

Used Parts Inventory
The purchase also included an even larger quantity of used parts for Triumph, BSA, Norton, Matchless, AJS and Ariel motorcycles.